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Issue № 8(20)

DOI: 10.33098/2078-6670.2019.8.20.112-119 Svorak S. «Fundamentals of the state system of the Halych republic» in the context of the european constitutionalism

Svorak S. «Fundamentals of the state system of the Halych republic» in the context of the european constitutionalism

Purpose. The purpose of this work is to analyze the content and legal nature of the constitutional project «Fundamentals of the State System of the Halych Republic», developed by WUNR representatives and submitted to the Entente States in April 1921. Method.  The methodological basis of the study was the combination of principles and methods of scientific knowledge.  For objectivity of the research, a set of general scientific, special-legal, special-historical and philosophical methods of scientific knowledge, in particular historical-legal, comparative, special-legal and others, was used, which allowed to systematize the narrative base and formulate relevant conclusions and generalizations. Results.  In the course of the research the significant influence of the European experience of the national state-building on the reflection of human rights and freedoms in national legislation was determined. A comparative analysis of the project “Fundamentals of the State System of the Halych Republic” and the Declaration of Human and Citizen Rights in 1789 was established. This legal act is deeply democratic, fair and humane, enshrining universal values where human, its rights and freedoms are of the highest social value. Scientific novelty. The work deepens Ukrainian historical and legal studies in the field of the formation of the national system of constitutionalism and the evolution of political and legal thought of the first half of the twentieth century. It is argued that in the conditions of modern reforming of the Constitution of Ukraine, lawyers should refer both to European sources of constitutional law and to projects already known to us by the constitution of Ukraine, created by the creators of the Western Ukrainian People’s Republic, who have not lost their relevance to date. Practical importance. The results of the study can be used in further historical and legal studies, preparation of special courses.

Key words: constitutional project, «Fundamentals of the Government of the Galician Republic», WUNR, Declaration of Human and Citizen’s Rights.


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