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Ivan-Frankivsk University named King Danylo Halytsky

Article review

 Every article  sent  is  estimated by the  Editorial Board member  who checks whether  the article  research meets the basic criteria and standards of the Bulletin. In case of a positive decision, the manuscript is under the bilateral “blind” review during which reviewers and authors remain  anonymous.

According to the review results  the article can be:

1. Accepted. The article which received two positive reviews will be included into the list of the Bulletin publications  with the status “accepted”;

2. Revised and resent. If both reviews are positive, but contain reviewers’ remarks and comments they are sent to the authors for  further revision;

If the article receives one positive review whereas the other one is negative, and the Editorial Board considers the results to be significant, then this article is sent to authors  for  revision.

If authors are determined not to agree with  reviewers’ opinion and refuse to revise the article, it receives the status “rejected”.

3. The article  is rejected if it receives two negative reviews.

Authors must take into account recommendations of reviewers and correct any mistakes.

Editorial improvements are sent for authors’ approval.  After that the approved text of the article is formatted and typeset.

The final version of the typeset article is approved by authors.

After approval the layout receives the  status  “for publication” and included into the list of “Scientifiс Information Bulletin of  Ivano-Frankivsk University of Law  named after King Danylo Halytskyi”.

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