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Ivan-Frankivsk University named King Danylo Halytsky

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If there is no English-language version of the author’s abstract of the article, the cost of translation is 150 UAH.

The cost of an additional copy of the edition is 75 UAH.

The journal does not charge for article submission.

Details for payment:

P/р UA52 322313 0000026003000007524 в АТ «Укрексімбанк»

МФО 322313

Код ЄДРПОУ 24684167

ІПН 246841609156

With a note “For placement of the article in the” Scientific and Information Bulletin of the Ivano-Frankivsk University of Law of King Danylo Halytsky’s name “(surname, name)”, or directly to pay in the accounting department of the University.

Науково-інформаційний вісник

Івано-Франківського університету права імені Короля Данила Галицького