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Issue № 11(23)

DOI: 10.33098/2078-6670.2021.11.23.79-87. Mota A. Forms of prevention of illegal migration by the State Border Service of Ukraine

Mota A. Forms of prevention of illegal migration by the State Border Service of Ukraine

Purpose. The purpose of the work is to analyze the theoretical and regulatory provisions relating to the definition of forms of preventive action to combat illegal migration and used in the protection of the state border. Methodology. The method covers the application of general theoretical and special methods of scientific knowledge aimed at processing the conclusions of the study. The dialectical method, system analysis, classification and grouping methods, as well as the sociological method are used in the work. Results. The use of the most appropriate and lawful preventive measures is associated with the definition of a scientifically sound system of crime prevention, detailed structural characteristics of which in the activities of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine to combat illegal migration are covered by two main blocks: procedural and operational. The procedural block concentrates such forms as operative-search activity, proceedings in cases of administrative offenses, proceedings on the application of forced return, forced expulsion and readmission of foreigners or stateless persons. The operational-service block covers the following forms: border service, border control, operational-search and information-analytical activity, engineering-technical control, complex preventive measures (operations). Originality. According to the results of the research, the system of forms of crime prevention in the activity of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine on counteraction to illegal migration is substantiated, which envisages procedural and operational-service blocks. Forms of the procedural block of prevention of illegal migration are characterized by the impact on the offense, which has a preventive value, as well as the focus on the restoration of the disturbed state. Operational and official forms of prevention of illegal migration are designed to prevent offenses, as well as their detection to ensure an appropriate procedural response. Practical significance. The results of the research can be used in research work for further study of general and special issues of improving the fight against illegal migration, in the field of lawmaking – to improve the current administrative and migration legislation of Ukraine, in the educational process during the organization of educational activities and teaching administrative law. cycle, in law enforcement – to increase the efficiency of bodies and units of state border protection.

Key words: illegal migration, border service, foreigners, stateless persons, prevention, forms.


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