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DOI: 10.33098/2078-6670.2021.12.24.133-139 Kalashnyk O., Sagan D. Use of electronic evidence by refugees in civil procedure

Kalashnyk O., Sagan D. Use of electronic evidence by refugees in civil procedure

Purpose. The purpose of the article is to analyze the current legislation that regulates the submission of refugees to court and the study of electronic evidence by courts in civil proceedings, outline the existing problems of using electronic evidence in court proceedings and analysis of court practice of electronic evidence. Methodology. The methodology includes a comprehensive analysis and generalization of existing scientific and theoretical material and the formulation of relevant conclusions. During the research the methods of scientific cognition were used: comparative-legal, logical-semantic, functional, logical-normative. Results. The study found that the use of electronic evidence, on the one hand, has simplified the proof procedure for refugees, but on the other hand, problems remain. Scientific novelty. In the course of the research it was established that for the full use of electronic evidence in Ukraine it is expedient to refine the information and telecommunication systems of courts, to provide courts with appropriate material and technical base, which would allow unhindered research of electronic evidence. Practical significance. The significance of the study is determined by the fact that the scientific results provide a basis for improving the legislation on the use of electronic evidence by refugees in Ukraine.

Key words: electronic evidence, refugees, evidence, civil process, electronic document.


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