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Ivan-Frankivsk University named King Danylo Halytsky

Issue № 7(19)

DOI: 10.33098/2078-6670.2019.7.19.96-104 Knysh V., Kasiianchuk V., Zhyrak R., Kosmii M., Krykhovetskyi I., Kasiianchuk M. Legal support of cultivation of artichoke as a means of improving the state of the environment

Knysh V., Kasiianchuk V., Zhyrak R., Kosmii M., Krykhovetskyi I., Kasiianchuk M. Legal support of cultivation of artichoke as a means of improving the state of the environment

Purpose. The aim of the work is to study the peculiarities of the legal support of the organization of the cultivation of Jerusalem artichoke with the aim of improving the state of the environment. Methodology. The methodology includes a comprehensive analysis and synthesis of available scientific and theoretical, practical and applied material and the formulation of the relevant conclusions and proposals. In the course of the study, the following methods of scientific knowledge were used: dialectical, terminological, historical-legal, system-structural, system-functional, normative-dogmatic, method of generalization. Results. The results of the study reflected the possibility of using Jerusalem artichoke to improve the ecological condition of the soil and atmospheric air, as well as the use of tubers and green mass for the production of therapeutic and prophylactic products and alternative energy. Scientific novelty. In the course of the research, it was established that, according to the results of the study, the authors systematized and generalized the level of legal regulation in the use of Jerusalem artichoke for the needs of environmental protection, in particular: the level of integrated environmental and legal regulation; the level of resource (floristic) legal regulation; level of security (anthropological and protection) legislation; inter-branch level, where we are talking about the interaction of environmental and agricultural law in the production of Jerusalem artichoke. Practical significance. The results of the study can be used in lawmaking and law enforcement activities on the cultivation of Jerusalem artichoke as a means of improving the state of the environment.

Key words: environmental law, natural resource law, floristic law, natural protect law, ecology, alternative energy, therapeutic and preventive products.


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