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Issue №6(18)

Pleskach O.Yu. Characteristics of undertakings

Pleskach O.Yu. Characteristics of undertakings

Goal. The purpose of the article is to provide, taking into account the current operational situation, the characteristics of persons missing missing. Method. The methodology includes a detailed comprehensive analysis and synthesis of available scientific and theoretical material on the raised issues, on the basis of which grounded worldview conclusions and recommendations on disclosure of the essence of the studied concepts are made. Results It is summarized that investigative work is a complicated process aimed at establishing the location of a person who has disappeared, with each category of persons who have disappeared are inherently unusual of their own individual characteristics. Practical significance. It is determined that in the case of the knowledge of operational workers of the characteristic features of persons missing missing and their correlation with the circumstances of disappearance, the speed and efficiency of search work will improve significantly. Scientific novelty. Scientific novelty of the article is to determine the author not only the individual characteristics of the persons missing missing, but also the correlation of signs of their nature with possible reasons for leaving the place and determining the probable.

Key words: search, person, missing, characteristic.

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