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Issue №6(18)

Ponomarenko O. S. Features of operational-search characteristics of extortion

Ponomarenko O. S. Features of operational-search characteristics of extortion

Goal. The purpose of the study is to determine the characteristics of the operational-search characteristics of extortion. Method. The methodology includes a detailed comprehensive analysis and synthesis of available scientific and theoretical material on the raised issues, on the basis of which grounded worldview conclusions and recommendations on disclosure of the essence of the studied concepts are made. Results The current operational and investigative characteristics of extortion are characterized by a large number of different features: criminal law, criminological and forensic, however, the present criminal situation constantly makes adjusting changes to them and allows to highlight a number of peculiarities inherent in the specified type of criminal activity. Scientific novelty. For the first time, according to the current criminal situation and the updated legislation, the operational-search characteristics of extortion are defined. Practical significance. An analysis of empirical evidence suggests that today extortion is characterized by signs that can be categorized according to: the scheme of commission, the subject of a criminal offense, the subject, the use of means of masking criminal activity.

Key words: operational-search counteraction, operative-search characteristics, extortion.

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